Costa Rica canals sport fishing

Costa Rica ‘s northern-atlantic coast offers great “canal” sport fishing opportunities along an area of 75 square miles, parallel to the Caribbean and composed of wetlands and slow moving river systems, natural and man made, known as the Tortuguero Canals, and the fishing here is great!

costa rica tarpon sport fishing
Tarpon sport fishing in the canals.
The Tortuguero canals expand along 22 km parallel to the Caribbean coast, from Jaloba, six km north of Parismina, to Tortuguero village. Along these waters hunt some sport fishing predators like no other. The mighty silver king rules, although the occasional bull shark does prowl these waters.

Snook abound everywhere, specially in the months from XXX to XXX where the “calvas run”, as it’s called here, brings sport fishing aficionados close to huge numbers of nombrecientifico entering the river systems and estuaries to spawn.

Other predators do prow these waters as well. Machacas, Guapotes (rainbow and jaguar bass), Snapper and Alligator Gar are all sport fishing targets in the area.

The fishing destination of Tortuguero is a remote and pristine locations. Accommodations in the area are not abundant but do cover the demand, just be sure to reserve with at least a month in advanced.