Costa Rica Deep Jigging, Deep Sea Fishing in Costa Rica


Deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica is not something new, however, there are just a few deep-sea fishing boats, Captains and Guides per area that have the right gear and lures to really be worth your while to go deep jigging in Costa Rica.

Our agency has all the right contacts for deep-sea fishing charter bookings all over the country for, but we recommend deep sea fishing trips to Osa Costa Rica or deep sea fishing tours in Dominical as a #1 choice, just by the shear number of different places where deep-sea fishing boats have access, and by the good catches our clients have seen in the area, using the basic picking technique (that’s just the fancy name for yo-yo, or up and down movement, once the lure is in the desired depth, basic and simple method use by most deep-sea fishing boats and crew).

You can book a Costa Rica deep sea charter in all other areas of the country as well; from Guanacaste and Central Pacific to Osa, Dominical, Sierpe, and on the Atlantic coast too! Deep sea fishing in Costa Rica is a technique quickly catching on by charters u0026amp; guides.

Jigging heavy metals is Costa Rica deep sea fishing at it’s best; the rig consists sometimes of tandem or assists hooks on rods and reels designed for that purpose. Costa Rica deep sea fishing charter captains were using heavy mono for this endeavor but most are changing to Braided lines because of their great performance in deep-sea sport fishing.

You never know what creature lurks in the deep waiting to strike. Once the fight is on hang on tough. Deep-Sea Sport Fishing in Costa Rica is going good and a growing endeavor.