Costa Rica freshwater fishing

Costa Rica ‘s northern province feature a couple of inland lakes which make up for some very interesting Costa Rica freshwater fishing: Arenal Volcano And Caño Negro sport fishing paradise provides angles with a shot at fishing rainbow-bass (Parachromis dovii), alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula), tarpon (Megalops atlanticus), machaca (brycon guatemalensis), jaguar guapote (Parachromis managuensis) and tilapia.

Costa Rica freshwater fishing near Arenal Volcano and Caño Negro
costa rica freshwater fishing in cano negro tours
Costa Rica lake fishing in Caño Negro.
The biggest of the lakes is Arenal, Fortuna which has an area of 80 square kilometers and a length of 42 km. This man made lake fed by a multitude of rivers was form when a dam was constructed on the southeast side for producing hydroelectric power. The lake is loaded with rainbow-bass and machaca, with the occasional 6 to 10 lb tilapia. This is a premier Costa Rica freshwater sport fishing destination, so there are a lot of options on boats and accommodations for every budget.

The second largest body of water for practicing Costa Rica freshwater fishing is in the area is called Caño Negro (Cano negro tours available) with 800 hectares of wetlands on the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, that occupies an total area of 9,969 hectares. You will also find accommodations for every budget when freshwater fishing in the area, as well as well stocked sport fishing boats that give service for Cano Negro fishing and Cano Negro Tours

costa rica freshwater sport fishing in arenal fortuna
Costa Rica lake fishing . Freshwater fishing for Tilapia
costa rica rainbow bass fishing
Lake Hule. Costa Rica freshwater fishing for “guapote”
There are also some “smaller” lagoons worth checking out if Costa Rica freshwater fishing is on your mind. Río Cuarto and Lake Hule are known for their big and mean rainbow bass. Actually Lake Hule produced the 1991 IGFA rainbow bass fishing record with 12 lb. 9 oz. Costa Rica Freswater sport fishing is a growing endevor.