Costa Rica Kayak Fishing – Sea Kayaking

Kayak fishing in Costa Rica is a relatively new kind of sport fishing tour available for fishing enthusiasts, that a few guides are now engaging in. Costa Rica sea kayaking and freshwater kayak fishing techniques are very simple and stealthy, which allows anglers to get quite close to their preys.

Kayak Fishing
Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing in Costa Rica can be practiced in some saltwater estuaries like kayak fishing in Tamarindo (North Pacific), Tivives (central Pacific), Sierpe (south Pacific) or in the Tortuguero Canals (Atlantic), where kayak fishing anglers will have a good chance of catching snook, tarpon, snapper, and corvinas. Tours are also available for Costa Rica sea kayaking fishing, which takes place on inshore waters around protected bays like Potrero, Junquillal Agujas, and Carrillo in the Pacific and Puerto Viejo and; Manzanillo in the Atlantic. These waters constantly produce roosterfish, jacks, pompanos, snapper, barracudas, mackerel, snook and many more. We’ve got kayak fishing guides from coast to coast.

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing Trip
Kayak Fishing Trip

For anglers new to costa rica kayak tours, don’t worry. We offer the guidance of trained professional anglers with lots of experience when it comes to fishing in kayak Costa Rica. Your guide will help you with:
1. Costa Rica Kayak fishing skills and safety.
2. How to rig and use a kayak for fishing on estuaries, lakes and inshore waters.
3. Live bait handling, applications and targeting species.
4. Kayak fishing with artificial lures.
5. Using sonar (fish finders) to locate good kayak fishing holes.
6. Fighting and successfully landing fish!!
7. Attending the kayak fishing group, dispensing beverages and snacks.

This trip caters to both experienced Costa Rica kayak tours anglers and novice thrill-seekers looking to battle BIG FISH from a kayak canoe. The guides will provide beverages, snacks, their knowledge, the kayaks and the fishing gear such as reels, rods, line, hooks, lures, safety vests, landing nets/gaff, pliers and more…

Kayak Fishing in Costa Rica
Kayak Fishing in Costa Rica

So what are you waiting for? Try something new and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Costa Rica kayak fishing can be quite relaxing and productive when done right, and our expert Costa Rica kayak fishing guides will make sure that anglers have the time of your life. Leave a little and let your problems on shore, kayak fishing will take you away to a place where you are one on one with wild, tropical nature.

Rowing peacefully in the ocean, can be a unique experience; the tranquility and stealth of the vehicle appeals to schools of dolphins and an occasional whale passing by to come close and inspect you, and give you a lifetime memory of what living, and fishing is really all about. Costa Rica kayak fishing tours on inshore estuaries and fresh water lakes will allow you to appreciate the wilderness, flora and fauna without a loud motor to scare everything away. You’ll even have much better access at tough or remote holes only accessible through Costa Rica kayak fishing.