Costa Rica river sport fishing

Costa Rica has a very complex river system contained in a small terrain, which is very good if you like sport fishing. From trout to tarpon, rainbow bass, alligator gar, snook, machaca, river drums and more can be catched when fishing these rivers.

costa rica sport fishing in caņo negro
Sport Fishing in Costa Rica for aligator Gar in Caņo Negro river
In the northern part of the country the towns of Upala and Guatuso stand out as great fishing destinations when searching for the acrobatic machaca. Wide and deep rivers with medium current and mixed rock and wood cover present ideal settings for machaca, guapote, alligator gar and the occasional tarpon.

Further down, in the mountains called “Cerro de la Muerte” lays the towns of the saints, a small community of villages with saints names (Saint Marc, Saint Francis, San Peter, Saint Mary, etc.) These towns are often crossed by the upper regions of the rivers, where the form. The clear, crystal and cold water is idea when sport fishing for trout, which has been gradually stock by a government agency in the surrounding areas. Ideal opportunity when sport fishing with kids or beginners. A must if you want to learn to fly-fish.

costa rica sport fishing in caņo negro
Sport fishing for trout on the river with Ultralight tackle.
costa rica sport fishing in caņo negro
Coto Brus river Sport fishing yields a nice grunts or “Roncador”.
Continuing down the country, in what locals call the “South Zone”, there are also many wide, deep, medium to clear flowing waters with rock and wood cover. Some have big still water pools, which present ideal conditions for sport fishing.

Snooks, machacas, and river drums are all excellent challenges for fishing with light and fly tackle. The mighty river Sierpe is a must for trolling and sight casting sport fishing.