Costa Rica ‘s transports u0026amp; fishing

Getting around in Costa Rica can be a bit tricky for those who’ve never been here before, especially when getting to the good fishing holes.

Upon request, we will provide you with a guide along with your rental car. He will drive you safely and efficiently, give you advice for targeting local sportfishing species and do most of the handiwork around. Our guides are sport fishing experts, from the secret holes to techniques, lure selection, and water column management, our knowledgeable fishing guides will make your fishing trip more relaxing, entertaining and productive.

rivers and other obstacles to get to the good fishing holes
Crossing rivers and another obstacle to get to the good sport fishing holes
basic sport fishing boat set-up fully loaded for action
We book our clients only on boats the meet certain minimums like GPS, Sonar, 2 Way Radios, and of course excellent fishing gear

If you wish to venture on your sport fishing vacation in Costa Rica by yourself, don’t be afraid, just take a few suggestions into considerations:

Costa Rica ‘s highway system is far from good, there are a lot of potholes and lack of markers, drive slowly.

Main roads at best are 2 lanes, and most of them are winding left and right up and down hills, be patient, take it easy on the car breaks specially if renting automatic.

Most small and medium towns are not shown in road markers or signs anywhere, get a good map or rent a GPS? and don’t be afraid to ask people for directions, learn a little Spanish.

Good fishing holes require 4 X 4, be prepared and drive slow. Rent a diesel car for the economy on gas.

There are other effective ways of getting around when sport fishing in Costa Rica.

Private Land Transfers

Liberia Airport Transfers

San Jose Airport Transfers

Regular inside flights depart to and from most medium-size towns around the Costa Rican territory, minimizing travel time. Private pick-up at local airports and car rental in most places makes it easier for sport fishing fans to get around.

From there on (excluding Tortuguero where boat transport is the only way to get around) public transportation by means of taxi-cabs and buses are available. Be sure to check with us for local providers schedules and pricing.