Costa Rica South Atlantic Sport Fishing: Cahuita, Manzanillo, Puerto Viejo, Penhurst, Westfalia

Fishing costa rica ‘s south atlantic is an adventure for everyone, kids, novice and pro anglers get to challenge their fishing skills. The terrain features are a lot like the north atlantic fishing grounds, minus the canal systems of tortuguero. A very even coastline that is only broken by diverse river mouths along the coastline. Up north/east, a few miles away from the Rio San Juan’s delta, Barra del Colorado has been a renowned sport fishing destination for more than 25 years. Sails and Marlins are not unheard of, but the main sport fishing business moves around the “Silver King” or Tarpon. Big – humongous tarpon patrol these waters, and bull sharks continuously swim inland through rivers and canals.

Moving to the south these sport fishing grounds are accessible only by boat or plane. Tortuguero Canals are a system of inter twining rivers and lagoons filled with snook, snapper, tarpon, rainbow-bass, “machacas” and other tropical sport fishing species like alligator gar and the elusive “Pez Sierra”, or pristis pristis. costa rica sport fishing in puerto viejo.

Further down Puerto Viejo is the main town around. Caribbean culture at it’s best, these fishing town host a variety of species like tuna, mackerels, tripletail, groupers and snappres. Inshore fishing and surfcasting trips are common any time of the year. Finally, Manzanillo, almost bordering with Panama, is our last sport fishing destination in the south atlantic. The town is small and very quiet but its known for is good cuisine and of course great fishing! Kayak fishing expeditions are a must in these area, teaming with underwater life that takes shelter on masive coral formations, not far from shore, making surfcasting fishing possible throughout the area. It’s also worth mentioning that the Sixaola river delta is nearby and has a renowned reputation for its tropical fishing variety, from rainbow bass and “machaca” to tarpon, snook and bull sharks.