Costa Rica’s sport fishing diversity!

Costa Rica has a geographic position that allows anglers to fish Atlantic, Pacific and inland waters within hours of each other, thus many well known and other more strange-tropical predators lurk in the waters. Sport fishing enthusiasts are always amazed by the number of available species to fish, but sometimes are shocked at the sizes of their catches as well.

Salt water fishing is king in the region, many cater to the offshore anglers who seek to fish granders: Marlin, Sailfish or Tarpon. But there is plenty more action when sport fishing offshore with big tuna’s, enormous mahi-mahi and lighting fast wahoo patrolling the ocean as well, you never know what predator will take a bite at your lures/bait next when you are sport fishing these waters.

Inshore charters are also very popular, each with their own “secret” sports where big mackerels, jacks, tunas, roosterfish, snapper, ‘cudas, snook, pampano, dolphin fish, corvinas (a relative of drums), sharks, huge needlefish (14 lb is the local record) and many more are all regular visitors. Action is non stop a short ride from the coast, multiple hook up’s are a common occurrence.

There are also inland lake and river species available for anglers up to the challenge, some very well known like tilapia, guapote and tarpon but others like machaca, drums and alligator gar are found in these waters as well, even rainbow trout in some parts. With the right gear in hand, medium to light tackle, electric trolling motors, bright and shinny lures and more these adventures will make the more advanced and novice anglers challenge themselves to the max. Lightning fast strikes and acrobatic air battles really gets everybody’s adrenaline pumping.