Costa Rica Fishing, Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica fishing means a shot at big blue marlin Costa Rica fishing for Pacific Sailfish

If you have never been fishing in Costa Rica or made the trip to Costa Rica, then you must come down and try it. It has everything to offer that a tropical “fishing paradise” is supposed to have plus so much more. Southern Costa Rica Sport Fishing is located in the far southwestern corner of Costa Rica where development hasn’t encroached yet and where the rain forest is still in its original natural state. Our region, the Osa Peninsula, has extremely resource-rich fishing grounds that are teeming with marine life because they have yet to be exploited by hordes of inexperienced anglers that might be somewhat unfriendly to the natural balances of the Costa Rica fishing grounds.

There is not an overabundance of Costa Rica fishing charters on the Osa Peninsula which is good news and the ones that are here like Captain Mark and Southern Costa Rica Sport Fishing practice catch and release if at all possible. Captain Mark always operates his Costa Rica fishing vacations as an environment-friendly service and does his part to conserve, preserve, and protect the many spectacular but fragile marine resources. As anglers aboard Captain Marks sportfishing boat, you will be allowed to keep all the fish you want.

Costa Rica Fishing Adventure Trip

Whether you are tuna fishing or marlin fishing in Costa Rica you must make sure you have an experienced Captain and crew that works well together as a team and runs their charters like a well-oiled fishing machine. Fish like marlin, yellowfin tuna, or other big game species of Costa Rica are very large and powerful fish and to properly fish for and especially land one of these monstrous beauties takes an experienced charter Captain that knows what to do in every situation. When you are on a Costa Rica charter fishing trip with Captain Mark you can rest assured that he takes everything into consideration while on the boat to account for safety and success.

Mark Corn, your Costa Rica fishing boat Captain looks at what must be over a hundred things that determine how and where he will fish that includes everything from the weather, the latest fish reports, to the experience of the anglers on board. Captain Mark includes his anglers and gets them involved in as many aspects of the catch as possible. He doesn’t hook the fish and hand you the rod (unless you want him to) but rather lets you hook your own fish and climb into the fighting chair and go to work. But he will never give you more than you are comfortable with and will never ask you to do something you don’t wish to do. But because you participate in hooking your own fish you learn more and really get immersed into what Costa Rica fishing is all about.

Costa Rica Marlin Fishing

Marlin is without a doubt the most prized fish available in the Costa Rica Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica Marlin fishing means blue marlin, black marlin, and even striped marlin and many sport fishermen will travel to Costa Rica to fish for marlin only and will pay little if any attention to the many other wonderful species available while sport fishing in Costa Rica. This type of angler is usually an enthusiastic sportfishing adventure seeker with only one thing in mind, to take advantage of these exceptional Costa Rica fishing grounds and get hooked up with the biggest marlin possible. Many of these marlin hunters are looking to catch what they call a tonner, or what would be a 2000 pound marlin.
Tuna Fishing in Costa Rica

Yellowfin tuna fishing in Costa Rica also offers fast action for visiting anglers looking to catch a large hard-charging fish that will challenge their fishing skills. Yellowfin tuna are strong swimmers that use pure brute force to make deep dives and long reel screaming runs to shake the hook loose and escape back to the freedom of the ocean. Tuna is a formidable adversary and will certainly challenge your fishing knowledge and physical strength and a large hard fighting tuna can leave even the best anglers mentally and physically drained. But it will all be worth it when you succeed in boating this magnificent creature and have him cooking on the grill later that same evening.

Costa Rica Deep Sea Fishing Species

Fish with the best rod n reels

Deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica has great marlin fishing, it has great tuna fishing, but what about the many other popular species that roam the Costa Rica fishing grounds of the Pacific Ocean? Well as you like to know the fishing in Costa Rica is exceptional and while marlin fishing is a major draw for the area many visiting anglers just want to catch something big. Anglers that come here to just catch something big usually go home very satisfied, with pictures to prove it.

Ask the anglers what they want to catch and you will likely get 5 different answers. Some will say Pacific sailfish, or a wahoo, a big bull dolphin, or how about a big roosterfish? The good news is we catch all of these species, plus some others, throughout most of the year and during our summer months from Dec to late May they are all abundantly available. The “Bottom Line” is we catch all these species and when you book your Costa Rica fishing trip with Captain Mark and Southern Costa Rica Sport Fishing you will enjoy catching these fish too and you will be telling fish stories (true ones) to your homebound fishing buddies that will have them coming with you on your next Costa Rica sportfishing trip.

Costa Rica Fishing Species

As we have said the Costa Rica fishing grounds are absolutely teeming with exceptional big game species to target. The species list is long and includes 3 types of marlin, multiple grouper species, and plenty of species most that anglers visiting the Osa Peninsula region of Costa Rica will never catch back home. The pristine ocean waters of Costa Rica are a beautiful cobalt blue and are packed full of an abundant array of sportfishing that is unrivaled in their diversity, size, and sheer numbers.

Costa Rica Sport Fishing Species

Popular Sport Fishing Species of the Osa Peninsula and Panama. As you can see when it comes to Costa Rica sport fishing there are many great big game species including big billfish. When you make the trek to Costa Rica or Panama for your fishing vacation you certainly have a chance at catching one or most of these pictured species. Panama fishing also features Black Marlin fishing as they are fairly plentiful down in Panama’s Coiba Island waters. So check out the fish, book your charter vacation, and get ready to hook up with one of these magnificent sea creatures on your next Panama or Costa Rica fishing trip.