Fresh Water Fishing in Costa Rica or Costa Rica Freshwater Fishing

Fresh water fishing in Costa Rica is a very different activity that satwater fishing. It is more like freshwater fishing for Bass in the states or like flyfishing for trout and salmon, on most occassions. Freshwater fishing Costa Rica tours include visits to Lake Arenal for some Rainbow Bass fishing, although there are also Tilapia and Machaca. Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge is also a good fresh water fishing spot, specially if you are targeting Tarpon or Alligator Gar.

Other Costa Rica freshwater fishing spots include the Cartago mountain river system which holds many rainbow trout, specially near the Dota towns. There are also other more warm weather rivers where one can fish for Rainbow Bass, Machaga, Grunts and even Snapper and Snook in some. Costa Rica fresh water fishing in rivers is very fun but one has to always keep an eye on the river. These big masses of flowing water can get an unsespecting angler in trouble

Another very popular for of fresh water fishing in Costa Rica is on freshwater canals and estuaries. The Tourtuguero Canals on the Atantic coast and the Sierpe – Terraba estuary basin are the best places for this type of fishing. They are composed of slow moving large bodies of water, where many saltwater species swim in to spawn and sometime even stay permanently. Snook, snapper, tarpon, sea bass and other types of fish are common catches inside this fresh water bodies of water.

What ever your choice, fresh water fishing in Costa Rica is very fun and productive and we have the best guides available for you right now!