Los Suenos Fishing Costa Rica

Costa Rica Sport Fishing is some of the best fishing in the world! With short runs, calm seas and plenty of fish, it is no wonder why Costa Rica is one of the most desired places to fish in the Central Pacific.

We are located at the beautiful “Los Suenos Marina”, just five minutes from Jaco Beach, and a short ride from the San Jose international airport.

Let us help you plan your Costa Rica vacation. We have all the information on transportation, hotels, activities, tours and restaurants.

sail fish in Los Suenos Costa Rica

Los Suenos Sportfishing Costa Rica

Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing is the destination to go when you want to find big game sport fishing. It is the capital of sport fishing in Costa Rica and the world. You will find experience captains and crews to take you to the perfect local spots to hunt the catch of the year. It is also the place where they host the annual Los Suenos Sport Fishing Tournament that attracts fishermen from around the world to these warm waters.

Los Suenos Fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing Resort and Marina have dozens of boats ready and experienced to charter out a boat so you will have the best catch of the year.

Whether you came down to Costa Rica to snag a Marlin, Mahi-Mahi or a Wahoo under your belt, or you came to set your sights on hooking a Trophy Sailfish, Yellowfin or Tuna, this is the place to come and find your dream fulfilled. Near the shore, giant Mackerel, Dorado, Snook, Snapper and even Roosterfish is available for the catch.

The sportfishing captains and crews specialized in offering you the best and prime spot for your successful sportfishing experience. They carry and select the ultimate live bait for you to capture the fish you are after.

Some chartered boats are laid out with amenities to make your experience a dream come true. Loaded with high speed, all the necessity of a successful catching experience, and mouth-watering lunches prepared and served by the crews, you may not want this experience to end. Water, soft drinks, and domestic beers are included in the price in certain boats, you will be taken care of beyond the sportfishing itself.

Fishing adventure in costa rica

Along the way, those who come along can enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery. Whether it is the graceful dolphins that swim and jump up for joy around the boat, to the sea turtle and whales that sail by, you do not want the trip to end. Not to forget if you are present you will witness the awesome fight and catch of a giant sailfish by your family, friend or yourself. Perfect day for a perfect experience to last a lifetime.

Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing not only sees that your fishing dreams become a reality but the people here will make sure that you and your family enjoy your time here. Costa Rica, on its own, has the world’s wildest and best weather in the world. Along with the ideal weather, it holds the worlds most exotic plants and animals unbeknown to men that take your breath away with their vibrant colors and types. The temperature of the ocean water averages about 80 degrees, heaven and the landscape provided something for everyone to enjoy and do. Lastly, Los Suenos is the capital for sports fishing. How can you go wrong in choosing Los Suenos Costa Rica as your location for your next vacation? Your family will thank you and you will definitely thank God for the choice you made!

Los Sueños is definitely the place to be. Los Sueños is 1,100 acres of unsurpassed beauty, surrounded by rainforest, pristine beaches, and abundant wildlife. Coupled with this natural beauty are the best facilities, activities, and services available everywhere.

Los Suenos Costa Rica

Los Suenos Costa Rica is perhaps one of the most active touring places in Costa Rica. Costa Rica, a Central American country is Latin to its very core. Flanked by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on another, Costa Rica is indeed a very charming place to be. Tourism as an industry is growing by leaps and bounds as has been seen in the past decade. It is especially the young that want to explore the world in their own unique way.

Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, which still hold the old world charm, are amongst the latest popular tourist spots. These countries are not only blessed naturally with breathtaking landscapes but also have their history to share with the foreigner tourists. Los Suenos Costa Rica holds its big attraction through the facility and comfort of fishing that it provides in the region.

Los Suenos- the amazing getaway!

Los Suenos presents a true world-class fishing experience for anyone and everyone who visits Costa Rica. The beauty of the deep blue water of this Latin beauty can be captured through the amazing boating services that many companies provide in the region. The fishing charter companies book anything under the sun, to make your trip holistic and complete for you.

Be it lodging or food, you can get the best deals with these sport fishing charters to cater to the fishing needs of all types of tourists working on different budgets. From the best accommodation and food facilities to the more humble options, these charter companies are capable of providing the best fishing experience you will ever have. The already buzzing fishing zone of Los Suenos Costa Rica was further blessed by a large number of fishing charters you can choose from.

Book the best resorts in Los Suenos

You can find a large number of resorts, lodges, restaurants and even a bed and breakfast in Los Suenos. The increasing number of tourists in this area has given the required impetus which has made it a commercially active zone. You can find the most stunning locations in the Pacific here with equally exciting locations for fishing as well.

The nightlife in the area is also perky with activity. Other than resorts and hotels, Los Suenos Costa Rica has a large number of vacation rental condos and even houses available on rent. You can now book the accommodation of your choice through the internet also as it is more convenient in many ways! You can browse through the facilities and their corresponding rates as per the hotel you choose.

Get the bookings in advance as last-minute bookings are sometimes difficult to achieve.


A vacation break for you and your family members in Los Suenos is just perfect as it will leave you rejuvenated and feeling fresh in this beautiful country. To gain more information on tourist attractions in Los Suenos, visit the official website and plan an interesting travel brochure to visit Los Suenos, Costa Rica.