Preparing For Your First Angling Trip

Fishing is not just a sport; it’s a memory maker. Men teach sons and daughters to fish and talk about life. You see it in movies all the time: a man and his son bond over rod and reel. After the hard work is done and they stand there with rods in hand, the pair of them talks about whatever is going on in their lives and solve their problems before reeling in the big catch. What you don’t see in these movies is the work that goes into getting ready for a fishing trip except, perhaps, the mother making sandwiches and filling thermoses with tea before they leave.

Preparing for a First Angling Trip

Fathers have the routine down pat after years of fishing. But when children come along to take part, they get the chance to explain what it’s all about: the tackle box; safety equipment; fish-finding gear; navigational items; and license. They talk about safety, what to do with fish when they catch something; rods, and flies.

Set for Safety

The first item of the day should always be safety. Dress in layers to allow for changes in weather and temperature whether on the shore or out on a body of water. In open locations, especially large lakes and at sea, weather can change dramatically and suddenly, so take warm clothes with you but also hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses. At the river, fishing in your waders or from the side, the biggest risk is getting wet and cold, so spare clothes and towels are always a good idea. Wear tall rubber boots.

Take flares, oars if you are in a small motorized boat (in case you run out of gas or electricity which should be topped up), and be equipped with a couple of life rings if the vessel is large. Don’t just bring life jackets; wear them and test them prior to every trip to ensure snaps and zips still do up and the item still fits.

Selecting Flies

With every season and every region, there is a different sort of fish to catch. Read guide books about flies for a specific species during the current season and ask people who have been out already what’s popular with the fish. Sports stores, outdoor adventure shops, and of course bait and tackle supply stores carry a wide assortment suited to where they are located. If dad is taking his child somewhere out of town or even far from home, he should check with local guides as to the correct flies and tackle to use.

The Catch

Keep a bucket of water close by plus a few rags. Several fish are spiky and you don’t want to touch them directly. If you plan to throw them back, using a rag protects the fish from your body heat too.