Safe fishing while visiting Costa Rica

Our little nation has been know for a long time for it’s peaceful nature, we don’t have an army, people have a very relaxed attitude, but don’t let your guard down. As with any other place in the world, specially for tourists, there are going to people that will want to rob you or deceive you. If you don’t know the way try to drive during the day. Don’t leave any luggage or backpacks unattended or in the car while you go somewhere else.

Always wear a safety vest. All our guided tours include vests for party members and we make sure every offshore/inshore boat reserved for our customers has more than enough life vests and other security devices as GPS, 2 way radio communication, sonar, radar, fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Thankfully we’ve never had to put our training to use, but just in case all of our guides are CPR trained and kwon other first aid protocols.

Sun block is another friend of the sport fishing enthusiast when angling in Costa Rica. It can and will get hot in here. We recommend, by experience a minimum of SPF30, and if you have SPF clothes bring’em all! They are ideal, fresh, protected, long sleeved is better and they dry fast! Don’t forget your glassed and hat too.

Using basic tools intended for anglers like pliers, nets and gloves to handle hooks, live fish or trebles can make the difference between spending the morning fishing or having to cut a trip short to go to the E.R. and remove a hook or to saw a nasty gusher. Other hazards like sharp rock outcroppings, small stingrays, wood and other debris that wash up on beaches can be avoided using at least a neoprene waders, but nothing beat rugged fishing boots to be 99.99% safe.

If you are traveling with a personal guide let him handle the unhooking of a struggling catch, he can carry all the lures for you and get down with terminals connections like leader to mono or leader to clips and others. That goes for rigging live or dead bait, let your personal guide or charter “mate” handle the knifes, floss and hooks required for these missions. Relax enjoy and for once let someone else do the “dirty work”.