Sport Fishing in Costa Rica and the Weather

Costa Rica is located in a tropical zone that has a weather patter of its own. We do not wave winter, autum, summer or fall but rather rainy and dry seasons, or as it’s known in the tourist industry “green” and high seasons, the last one coinciding with dry period. But any time is a good time to come to Costa Rica for a sport fishing vacation. Local populations of almost all fish, including the granders, make up for a promising trip every single chance. We evaluate tide heights, moon phases and local reports when designing our schedules to maximize fishing odds for our clients.

However, being a tropical country weather patterns can change very quickly and rain can sometimes appear out of nowhere. This is why we keep a constant eye on weather conditions trough satellite imagery and weather forecasts and bulletins available for registered members. On the Pacific coast, moths from mid December through mid April tend to be very dry, and only once in a while a short afternoon shower will arise. From June thru November the rainy season is felt along the coast with more intense showers and thunder storms, that peak during the months of September and October.

Conditions in the Atlantic and the Northern Highlands are the total opposite. From July thru November the dry season manifests itself on the Caribbean coast, and the months from late November thru April bring down heavy showers and occasional thunder storms. It is very uncommon but nature has it’s own mind, and sometimes weather patterns facilitate the passing of strong winds and storms carried out by tropical hurricanes. This is another reason we keep our eyes on the weather and try to reschedule or delay bookings that coincide with key rough days.