Costa Rica rainbow bass fishing

Rainbow bass fishing in Costa Rica is another activity that should be high in the to do list of every angler sport fishing in Costa Rica. Freshwater rainbow bass fishing is quite an experience!. These fierce and mean cichlids really put up a fight, and can destroy rainbow bass lures u0026amp; flies in a heart beat.

Costa Rica rainbow bass fishing takes place mostly in the northern region of the country, like Arenal – Fortuna, Caņo Negro and lake Hule. There are also rivers and streams where small ponds are found that are also prime rainbow bass fishing areas.

costa rica rainbow bass fishing destinations

Rainbow bass fishing in any slow flowing, clam body of water
rainbow bass fishing in costa rica

Rainbow bass fishing Arenal

La Fortuna, a city near Arenal Volcano, and other cities surrounding the Arenal Lake are one good choice if Rainbow Bass fishing is on your mind. Here you’ll find great and moderate hotels for every budget, as well as good rainbow bass fishing guides that will put you on fish pretty quick. As an added bonus there are also a lot of Tilapias and Machacas in the lake, and there are also rumors of some black bass having been released and successfully established a small population on the lake.

Another good choice for rainbow bass fishing in Costa Rica is the Cano Negro lagoon and river system. This body of water is a little more remote than Arenal, but it’s worth it. Virtually untouched pristine wilderness awaits you for a Costa Rica rainbow bass fishing trip of a lifetime. Hotel accommodations are top notch and rainbow bass fishing guides in the area the best there is and make the trip enjoyable for everyone. Their boats are well equipped with rods, reels, sonar, communication devices and other important gear when rainbow bass fishing in Costa Rica. There is an additional benefit of fishing in Cano Negro, Silver Kings and BIG alligator gar make these waters their home as well!

rainbow bass fishing in costa rica can produce other fish too!

Lady angler and nice “jaguar” bass, a relative of the rainbow bass

costa rica rainbow bass fishing
Calm waters of lake Hule hold a lot of big rainbow bass fishing for those willing to go.
Another good spot for rainbow bass fishing in Costa Rica is lake Hule, in the province of Heredia. Rainbow bass fishing here takes place in a deep medium size body of water, where rainbow bass are the top of the food chain and swim around deep structure and shallow shorelines packed with vegetations. Deep jigging and weed less top baits are the way to go according to local rainbow bass fishi