Costa Rica snook fishing and snook fishing guides

Saltwater snook fishing in Costa Rica is one of our specialties. We have snook fishing guides available that know all the good surf fishing spots and mangrove estuaries like the palm of your hands.

Snook Sport Fishing

Although snook fishing in Costa Rica can be done trolling lures and bait near river mouths, saltwater estuaries and lagoons, and occasionally sight casting among the mangrove roots, we recommend snook fishing from shore with medium gear, MH rods on baitcasting reels spooled with 12 – 17 lbs mono and 60 lbs leaders tipped off with a 5 to 7 inch, 3/4 to 1 oz lure, spoon, jig or swimbait. The best time to catch a snook fishing in Costa Rica is any time. As a general rule if there’s bad weather in the Pacific, then snook fishing is good in the Atlantic and vice versa.

The zones available for Costa Rica nook fishing from the surf, or fishing from shore in Costa Rica are numerous: North, Central, and South Pacific each have regions where our snook guides have scored 15lbs, 20lbs and bigger fish. When we asked our snook guides in Costa Rica for an average catch, the number 8lbs seemed to be the typical weight of their guest catches. Our snook fishing guides in Costa Rica will tell you how to catch a snook with local conditions, adjusting their strategies during the day.

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snook fishing costa ricaSaltwater snook fishing in Costa Rica

Fishing from shore In the northern pacific there are areas that have excellent conditions to practice snook fishing from shore and trolling for saltwater snook. Mangrove estuaries pour fresh cold water towards sandy and mud bottom beaches where you and I know linesiders await. Our snook fishing guides will tell you often how snook fishing in Costa Rica is all about a patient slow retrieve to that snook lure.

When shore fishing the best snook rig according to our snook fishing guides is medium velocity retrieves with jerks of the rods using jigs spoons or swimbaits ( trying to work the top 50% of the topwater column) Another good way to catch snook in Costa Rica is to use cigar style lipped plugs that dive up to 30 cm, and work then slowly with a twitch and pause retrieve.

Central Pacific and South Pacific beaches are also a good destination for a snook vacation in Costa Rica. Inshore, estuary and surf fishing snook guides and anglers are a little more protected from the wind in this zone, most of the times presenting less turbulence on the surface, which gives sport fishing enthusiasts great opportunities for using another snook rig, a medium or big surface plug for walking the dog, hoping to catch that almighty splash, feeling the power of the snook on the run.

As we said before, patience is a snook fishing in Costa Rica angler’s best friend. Even if you decide to try your luck with some live/dead bait. The best strategy for this, according to our snook fishing guides is to tie up a typical Carolina rig with a heavy 1 – 2 oz sinker and a 30 cm leader that ends in the bait, throw it and just keep it there. Waiting…Waiting… Sooner or later that snook is going to come out of his hole and much on your offering, and it’s on…

Snook fishing in Costa Rica

Saltwater snook fishing in Costa Rica can be practiced in many environments Costa Rica snook guides put you on fish!
Sport fishing for freshwater snook in Costa Rica, Tortuguero Canals And if we’re talking about freshwater snook fishing in Costa Rica, it would almost be a sin to forget the Atlantic coast which is home to many river mouths, estuaries, and canals famous for their snook fishing with a bonus! Tarpon patrol these waters as well. Your snook fishing guide in the area if familiar with this fact so he, and you’ll be prepared.

Each year, from December through April there is a migration of snook towards inshore estuaries to mate and reproduced known as the “calva” run. Local snook fishing guides will help you on how to catch a linesider with custom made snook lure and snook rigs.