Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fishing in Costa Rica has been a common sport fishing destination for anglers all over the world for many years, even decades now.

Tarpon fishing in Costa Rica is that good! As a matter of fact ALL fishing in Costa Rica is very good. Tarpon fishing in this tropical paradise can be practiced in many different environments such as open sea, surf fishing, inside mangrove estuaries, along the Tortuguero canals and on some inland lakes and river systems, all connecting to the Caribbean or the San Juan River, that lays on Costa Rica’s northern border,

tarpon fishing in costa rica Megalops atlanticus

Tarpon fishing in Costa Rica is best along the Northern Caribbean and in Caņo Negro.
Big tarpon fishing in costa rica offshore
Big tarpon fshing in Costa Rica – Offshore u0026amp; Inshore. Megalops atlanticus
Tarpon fishing in Costa Rica out on the open sea has been one of the most popular forms of tarpon fishing for many years and maybe the best known place is Barra del Colorado, altough Parismina and Tortuguero see a lot of tarpon fishing too. There are many well equipped fishing lodges in the Northern Atlantic – Caribbean area of Costa Rica that have the best tarpon fishing guides and boats in the country, specifically suited for offshore and inshore saltwater fishing. If you are tarpon fishing out in the ocean be ready… Other predatory fish roam the area in big numbers and size, mackerel, ‘cudas, snapper, snook and others can hit your lure/bait any time!

And if you have a passion for surf fishing the mighty silver king makes it’s presence here as well, as does snook. There are many beaches besides river mouths and estuaries that see good tarpon fishing consistently enough for guides to take their guest and have a shot at tarpon fishing from shore.

It takes certain kink of angler to land a 100 lbs tarpon from the beach using bait casting equipment on 15 lbs mono or 40 lbs braid. It’s tough, but it’s a definitive rush or adrenaline for tarpon fishing anglers.

Another popular tarpon fishing tour in Costa Rica is slow trolling lipped plugs and sight casting jigs along the Tortuguero Canals, and other inland river systems and lagoon in the northern Caribbean, that have good stocks of the mighty silver king. Big, very big tarpon swim inland and make these waters their hunting grounds. Tarpon fishing guides in the area know the spots where they hang out and excel at getting fisherman hooked on silver king. As with other fishing lodges, and sometimes it’s the same ones that charter offshore and inshore tarpon fishing, the accommodations in the area are very complete and feature well equipped crews and skiffs.

tarpon fishing in costa rica tortuguero canals
The mighty Silver King or Tarpon roams in the tortuguero canals.
tarpon fishing in caņo negro lagoon
Sport fishing for freshwater tarpon in Cano Negro lagoon and river system
But when in Costa Rica you also have some more options on how to catch a mighty silver king… Tarpon fishing on freshwater lakes and rivers is another way to go. Caņo Negro lagoon and surrounding river systems have numerous tarpon that range from “small” 10 pounders to huge 70+ lbs specimens. Tarpon fishing in the area is mostly done slow trolling big cranks in the likes or Rapala DT16 on medium heavy gear. Some tarpon fishing guides also cater to the fly fishing community.