Mackerel Fishing in Costa Rica

Sport Fishing for Mackerel in Costa Rica is common around inshore waters rock outcropping, and surf fishing. These toothy predators travel in schools of various sizes (the bigger the mackerel the lesser number of individuals in each school). They can be found in both Pacific and Atlantic coasts, but only in the Caribbean side can you go sport fishing for King Mackerel.

There are many ways to tackle mackerel fishing in Costa Rica: Surfcasting, kayak and inshore sport fishing guides and charters are available.

King mackerel fishing in Costa Rica

King Mackerel fishing in Costa Rica South Atlantic
inshore fishing for mackerel in costa rica
Mackerel fishing in Sierpe, South Pacific.
Medium trolling lipped lures, heavy white jigs or slightly sinking dead/live baits is the way to go for mackerels, preferably with a light wire leader, or a heave 80+lbs mono leader, because of their many sharp, pointy teeth.

The best places to go fishing for mackerel in Costa Rica usually involve some kind of structure, mostly reef outcroppings and small inshore islands. The Murcielago islands in the north pacific, many inshore reef outcroppings along the central pacific, and what has become knwon to local anglers as “Mackerel Island” in the South Pacific are sure starting point to find these predators.

Mackerel fishing is not for the light hearted. These fast sport fishing predators attack lures and bait quickly and pull line fast. Medium and Medium-Heavy equipment is what most inshore fishing charters, and our surf casting guides use regularly. Lures with some type of white are the ticket most of the times, but any one who fishes knows that fish usually change feeding patterns, so guides and charter boats carry different colors and depth lures as well as in-season bait.